Thursday, 29 November 2012

Rustic Christmassy Signs headed to Market

Hi there,

Well just a quick little post, I've been so crazy busy this week preparing for my next Market outing tomorrow night.  I've made some more little rustic signs. 

I took some of these to my last Market but thought I'd do a few Christmassy ones.  I hope people are feeling festive ;)

Noel is one of my favourite Christmas words.  Not only is it a beautiful word, it's my Dad's name and was my Pop's name too.  So extra special to me.
I made a bunch more different ones.. but ran out of time to snap some pics! I might take some tomorrow night and share in another post :)
What's your favourite Christmas word or phrase?
Thanks for stopping by,

Jo xx

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  1. They are gorgeous! I am sure they will all be snapped up. Where are you doing your market stall? x

  2. They are gorgeous Jo......
    I like 'JoY' (my Aunties name)
    Tania xx

  3. Mine is Feliz Navidad because my Dad loves the song and looks so funny when he sings and dances to it ;) You've got me thinking I should make a sign for him with that on it!

    Shorter words are better for signs to sell though!
    xx Karen

    1. Love that Karen, actually it was the song my son's class sung at their Christmas concert... beautiful :) xx


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