Sunday, 29 July 2012

3 ways with a Large Glass Jar!

Hi there!

Something happened to me on the way to work the other day, I was early (which is a rarity) so I ventured into Target for an aimless wander.  I always go to the book section first, then check out home wares, which is where I found Him. 
Mr Large Glass Jar.  L-O-V-E.
I absolutely love glass jars for storage; my pantry is full of Ikea glass goodness :) 

I was thinking this guy was a bargain at $25 but when I scanned him, he was half price!  At $12.50 I scooped him up faster than you could say "And let the games begin".  I was off and racing, this guy was sooo coming home with me! 

I had no real plan for him but many ideas floating around my head space. 

Finally we were home alone with a few minutes to play... here's what Mr Large Glass Jar and I got up to.... 

Yes more shells! you can read about these babies here she-loves-seashells-here-there

One Large Glass Jar 3 Ways ~

1. Mini Terrarium
2. Storage 
3. Display

He's handsome, handy and super versatile and was totally compliant with his location and prop changes...  Now I'm wishing I gotten his brother too! ;)

How would you use him?

Jo xx

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Vintage Doily Transformer Cushion Bag!


Is it a bird is it a plane... no it's a Vintage Doily Transformer Cushion Bag! (huh?)...

It all started with a burlap bag, to which I added a vintage doily I recently picked up at a fab little vintage fabric store.  I wish I could take credit for the crochet but my crochet skills are basic at best.  I imagine this one was made with love by someones Nana :)

I decided to snap an Instagram pic of my new tote (I'm a massive fan of bags, totes and baskets of all kinds).  When I looked at the pic of my new tote, propped on a chair it looked like a pretty cute lil cushion (I'm a massive fan of cushions too!). 

It was instant love, but I was torn...  bag verses cushion?? 

Arrghhh I'm not so good in the decisions department.  Then I started to think why can't I have my cake and eat it too... or as the case may be, have my cushion and tote it too ;) 

I have boys, they have a tonne of boys stuff including Transformers; so it was high time for this mummy have her own Transformer!  and so became...   my Vintage Doily Transformer Cushion Bag!

Handles tucked in = instant cushion
It's a super simple to make basic tote bag, you could use canvas, calico or any fabric you like... then add a doily or other embellishments and hey presto! Cushion/Bag love.

I'm busy working towards going to market in a few months time, bags and cushions are on my 'to make list'.

Hope you're having a Happy Tuesday lovelies!

Jo xx

What do you think, are you a bag or cushion girl?

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Friday, 20 July 2012

She loves seashells here there and everywhere :)

Hello Friday!

Oh how I love Fridays. I also love shells, so I thought I'd combine them in this little post.

The kids went back to school this week, so I've been busy playing catch up around here.  I started two new projects, more on them soon.  In the meantime my recent shell find....

During the school holidays we had a day trip to Windsor. We enjoyed a sunny pub garden lunch and a stroll around the shops.  It was during this stroll that I stumbled across a little vintage shop. In this little vintage shop was a box of shells, just sitting there looking all forlorn. 

They were silently screaming at me to take them home.  So after some convincing hubby that we needed a big box of shells, they were packed into the car for the journey home.

They sat in their box for the last two weeks or so, and today with the sun streaming in, I had a little play :)

I love decorating with shells, they make me happy. 

What do you love to decorate with?  Have you found any treasures lately?

Wishing you a happy weekend :)

Jo xx

Thursday, 19 July 2012

A Bloggy Award!! ... plus some random oversharing from me ;)

Hello Lovely Coastal Friends!

I was so excited recently to discover that I had received a bloggy award!  This is crazy cool and had me chuffed to the moon and back!  Especially to receive it from the uber funny, lovely and oh so clever Sonia at Life, love and Hiccups!  Thank you so much Sonia :)

Here she is.. isn't she beautiful!!

This is my first award and the rules state I have to answer 10 questions.... and share 10 random facts about myself.  Warning the following post contains 'Mild Oversharing'....  so here we go.

1. What is my Favourite Song?
Yikes, not really sure... love lots but always loved 'Wherever you will go' by The Calling... I'm loving this version from the Twinings Ad sung by Charlene Soraia..

2. My Favourite Dessert!
Where do I start?? First of all let me just preface this by saying, I'm a Libran, so making a decision can at times be a challenge... this is especially true when it comes to menus... and even more true when we drill down to desserts!! That said I'm a happy girl with ice cream... love coffee, hazelnut, chocolate gelato... mmmm
3. What Ticks me Off!
OK pet peeve... I consider myself to be a very courteous driver; I let people in, giveaway and always, always give a 'thankyou' wave when someone lets me in... So it ticks me off when people don't give a thank you wave... it doesn't have to be a whole hand vigorous arm shaking, dislocate your shoulder type of wave, just hold your hand up for a few seconds is enough... it's just plain nice and we are after all living in a civilised society! and breathe... ;)

4. When I'm Upset what do I do?
Eat Gelato. Buy a home Mag. Browse Pinterest. Usually all at once, I'm fab at multitasking ;)

5. What is my Favourite Pet?
Hmmm let me think... of our current pets the choice is between; Hermie the Hermit Crab, Darwin the Axolotl or Milly the Cat... even though she can be aloof, and sometimes downright crazy (it took 3 weeks to catch her when we moved)... Millie the cat wins.

6. What do I prefer Black or White?
When it comes to clothing... gotta be black... slimming and all that. Furniture... white, white love painting things white!

7. What is my Biggest Fear?
Oh yikes... can't say out loud in case it comes true! Sorry tad superstitious like that.

8. What is my Attitude?
Generally I'm a glass is half full kinda girl. 

9. What is Perfection?
Friday night in with a few essential supplies; comfy clothes, wine, something yummy to eat, candles and TV/movie... simple things.

10. What is my Guilty Pleasure?
Sleeping in when I can...  how I love my bed.  Pinterest.  Gelato. Books.

OK and now for 10 random facts about me...

1. I'm not overly superstitious...  but the number 13 freaks me a bit... case in point;  I cannot have the volume on the TV on 13... 12 or 14 is fine but not 13.  If I see a photo on Instagram where there are 12 likes I cannot be number 13 (even if I love the pic!! That said if I love the pic I go back later and like).. and yes I realise this is weird.

2. I love pumpkin soup, but hate roasted pumpkin.

3. Another food weirdy... I hate cream, but love ice cream (just realised I talk about ice cream a Lot!)

4. I procrastinate often.  Case in point this post which has been in draft for almost a month!

5. I was a volunteer at the Sydney 2000 Olympics. So fun.

6. I'm afraid of heights, this fear evolved in my late twenties (before that I abseiled, climbed etc).  I only discovered this fear backpacking through Europe.

7. I love July because of the Tour De France, it's arm chair travel at its best!  Hubby and I have been following it since we met...  I can't get enough of the fabulous scenery and those thigh muscles pumping under lycra... don't get me started ;)
The pack of riders cycles during the 17th stage of the Tour de France cycling race in the mountains, between Embrun and Alpe dHuez, in France, 23 July 2008.  EPA/IAN LANGSDON

8. My Grandfather was French, proper French, didn't speak much English and made amazing cakes!

9.  I almost always have to walk back to the car to check if I pressed the lock button.

10. I sing the same song to my kids each night before bedtime, and it makes me sad to think one day they'll be too big for it.

Okey dokey then...  The rules state I must pass this forward to 7 blogs.  As a newbie blogger I'm passing this award along to some amazingly talented and inspiring bloggers I have met online and or via Instagram recently :)  Each have been so kind with their comments and encouragement.  Pop over and check them out...

Thank you for reading..  love and hugs :)

Jo xx

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Oh Yay.. My Vintage Coffee Table was Featured!!

Hi Coastal Lovelies!

We are in the throes of school holidays here in Sydney and with interstate visitors we've been busy day tripping and playing!

I was so excited to read a comment this morning from Stacey at Embracing Change to say she had featured my Vintage Coffee Table!!

This is my first feature so I'm over the moon!!  I feel honoured to be chosen amongst so many fab projects...  click on the link to visit and check it out; Embracing Change ~ Inspirations linky party no.21

So I have my very first button, it took me an hour or so to figure out how to add it to my blog... he he I'm learning :)  Here it is, so pretty... I particularly love the slogan!  Thanks so much Stacey! xx

We're off to the movies this afternoon, the kids have decided we need the largest popcorn barrel available!

Happy days :)

Jo xx

Monday, 2 July 2012

Before and After ~ A Vintage Coffee Table Makeover :)

Good evening lovely friends,

I picked up this little vintage coffee table a couple of months ago, and I finally got around to finishing it on the weekend.  I tend to get projects to about 80-90% complete and get distracted by the next project or random shiny object!

Here she is before, I was drawn to her lovely turned and carved legs ooh la la baby;

She was quite scratched up and way more shabby than chic....


After much sanding, painting and waxing...

Here she is After... (insert wolf whistle here)...

Love and light... :)
Jo xx

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