Friday, 25 May 2012

Susan's Makeover and why she's not Lazy!

Hello there lovelies!

There's a definite chill in the air as we close in on Winter here in Sydney...  I'm loving our new heater and a glass of wine on this Friday evening (TGIF!).

I have two boys who love drawing, writing and general list making... this all creates one massive mess, refer to Exhibit A below...

Exhibit A ~ Massive mess
They have a dedicated spot in our 'library', which sounds rather posh and like we live in a manor house... but really it's just the dining room we don't use, and as there's no TV in there and it's where they do their homework.. it got dubbed the library when we first moved in and it kind of stuck. 

Anyway the library was messy, disorganised and generally drove me crazy!!

I recently stumbled across a Lazy Susan in an Op shop...

Before her makeover

I already have one, which I use in the pantry so I was already a fan of Susan, and even though I wasn't sure exactly where I'd use a second one, I decided she'd come home with me anyway.

Here she is when I got her home... crazy fake tan and generally unloved.

As I thought about where I'd best utilise Susan, I began to wonder why / how she got the Lazy tag... who was Susan anyway?  I had to know. 

So it turns out the Lazy Susan was not named after a spectacularly lazy chick at all.  The exact origin is unclear, but one theory is that the name derives from 1700s when servants were referred to as 'Sussans'.  The round spinning food server as we know it got it's official name in 1917... so Susie's almost 100 years old... you go girlfriend!

Organised space = creative boys = happy mummy

I sanded, primed and painted her in two coats of semi gloss white.

Then I sorted out the jumble of pencils, crayons, textas etc etc into some tins and white pots from Ikea.

She works a treat, much better... 


The boys were super excited when they got home from school and without any prompting studied for the entire afternoon! 

The thought crossed my mind to check their temperatures, as I was seriously concerned they might be coming down with something ;)

I reckon every home could use a Susan!
So if you come across one be sure to be nice; she's friendly, useful and far from lazy!

Have a great weekend lovelies!

Jo xx


  1. Great idea! I was in the Tempe Ikea early this week and noticed they have some Lazy Susan's in stock quite cheap at the moment.

    1. Thanks Norma! I love Ikea, I was there early in the week too with my kids!! (they love going there in the school holiday, it's kind of a ritual now... meatballs then kids club :) I have an Ikea lazy susan too, she's hard at work in my pantry!
      Jo xx


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