Monday, 28 May 2012

Outing my Urges... furniture urges and a coffee table makeover!

Happy Monday Lovelies...

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Yep it's true I have urges of the furniture/reno kind, sometimes they are very strong and impulsive...  they compel me to start ripping up lino in our old kitchen, 8 months pregnant on a Sunday evening whilst hubby went out to get milk! 

And other times they grow, I'll see something and it'll quietly 'bug' me for ages until I give in to the urge!  The coffee table in our family room was just this kind of urge, a grower.... 


Before ~ He didn't stand a chance ;)

It was one of the first pieces of furniture I purchased myself when I moved out of home, long before kids and before I was married.  I brought it home in the back of my teeny Ford Festiva Trio and it's lived in 4 houses with us, in two States...  one might say he's well travelled.  

It's old now, it's a tank and boy if he could talk! 

Before Close Up

I guess I've kept it around this long in part for sentimental reasons but also it's very practical for the family room.  This coffee table is super solid and practical; we play games on it, eat off it, craft on it...  I'm not in the least bit precious about it.  I was almost ready to farewell him in favour of a new one, but it's the perfect size and I haven't seen one I love enough to replace him.  

So back to my urges, whilst I sat having brekkie on Saturday morning I couldn't stop looking around our family room....

We have two chocolate brown leather sofas (they are super comfy and again take a beating, but wouldn't be my first choice...  sometimes you need to let the Mr have a say in things;).  Anyway with the sofas, a dark stained TV console, and coffee table it was a sea of brown... Way.Too.Much.Brown!  Something had to give, I see this as natural progression, my hubby thinks I'm nuts and the kids think I'll paint anything that doesn't move!  

So as I downed my cup of tea I decided that the coffee table had finally made its way to the top of my 'paint hit list'; he didn't stand a chance....

I dragged the big sucker outside started sanding. 

He previously had a very dark reddy/brown stain.  I primed and painted the base first.

This only made the top stand out more and look well, just wrong.  So I sanded and sanded the top to remove the stain. 

My plan was to sand it back and give it a coat of clear sealer, but I still wasn't feelin it... 

So I decided to try tone it down by giving the top a wash of light grey, I was aiming for driftwood....   I heart driftwood. 

New crystal cut glass knob completes him

I also changed his hardware, I mean what's a makeover without some new bling!

He was originally sporting an iron ring pull... but it just didn't go with his new look.  So I added a crystal cut glass knob 'to complete him'...

I think he turned out just fine and is 'kickin it' back in front of the tellie...

He might just stay with us for a little bit longer... that is until another urge strikes ;)

Jo xx

Do you have urges of the furniture kind?  Love to hear about 'em!


  1. What a gorgeous makeover. I'm like you - there are some original peices I just cant part with. I have a buffet and hutch that is 19 years old now and it has been made over then pulled apart and now lives as three different bits of furniture ;) xx

    1. Hi Sonia :) I could of sworn I reply to your comment, but it's not showing up... or it could just be me not knowing what I'm doing!!

      Yes it's funny how some piece grow with your family! Love to see pics of your reincarnated buffet and hutch!!

      Jo xx

  2. Hiya Jo. Oh I heart driftwood too! Your table looks are very motivated! Lately I just cannot get my diy mojo together *sigh* Have a great day :)
    Cas x

    1. Hi Cas!
      I was so sure i had replied to your lovely comment but can't see it anywhere (but could be me being a newbie!).

      Thanks so much! This was a few weeks ago now... not much painting going on around here at the moment... too cold brrrr! Now off to catch up on your posts!
      jo xx

  3. Your coffee table has a fresh new look - love it!

    1. Hi Sharon!
      Wow thanks so much for visiting my little blog and for your sweet comments :) I love your work!
      Jo x

  4. lol, I so get where you are coming from with your random makeover urges...I get those too...last week I was vacuuming downstairs, then looked at the inside of the front door and thought 'that is way too dark, must do something about that' and before I knew it, I had abandoned the vacuuming and was painting the front door! I have also 'driftwooded' a few tables, including my coffee table. Would LOVE to do it to our tv cabinet but it is so big, and well, the tv sits on it! It is currently that honey pine...nice shapes, bad colour. Oh well, one day!

    xx Karen

    1. Hi Karen! Too funny... I so get that!! I've been giving my front door and stair balustrades the evil eye for quite awhile... I very recently attacked some timber trim on the stairs... front door look out!
      Thanks so much for checking out my little blog... I don't know how I have missed yours until now!! I'll be popping over for a looksie around!
      Jo xx


Hi... I love reading your comments, they make my day! Thanks so much for stopping by :) Jo xx

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