Thursday, 26 April 2012

Cute little side table in Chalky French Blue

Good evening!

With the school holidays behind us here, I finally got to finish up a project...  I was starting to have painting withdrawals! 

I bought this little side table last week and just knew it had potential to be a little stunner... 

The before photo was taken on location in my workshop (aka the garage, much to my hubs disdain, not sure why he thinks the car should get first dibs on this luxury accommodation!)..

... anyhow moving right along; this little guy sat sad and unloved, missing his original nesting partner.  That is until I rescued him...

I thought he was the perfect candidate for a test run on a new paint.  I've been wanting to try chalk paint for ages, this paint is not chalk paint per se, but I think it gives a similar finish.  It's in the Dulux Limewash range and I chose a French blue colour, so yummy! 

It was a very different painting experience for me;  I learnt two things,  one this paint does not like cold weather!!  It seems to clumpify (yep just made up new word)... ie. it kinda just clumps together and solidifies (which come to think of it is probably a better word than clumpify!)..  anyway this meant I had to sand back a few times in between coats. 

Secondly, it doesn't like to get wet before sealing,  I'd just finished sanding and was ready to give it a wax, but then the phone rang.... on returning I found a bird had flown under the patio and pooped right on top (cheeky little rascal!).  I'm hoping this is a sign of good luck!  I had to wash off the ahem, poo, which left water marks (arrgghh!)...   back to more sanding and another coat of paint!

I will definitely use this paint again, I love the soft aged finish it produced, it sanded back a treat and the brushed was up super easily.

As for Lil Blue, I think he's a keeper ;)  For now he's in the Master bedroom, however, I do tend to rotate furniture around the house on a pretty regular basis, so this little guy may have some more travels in him!  I hope you like him too.

Jo xx


  1. You have a lovely blog here. Love your doily tote and read that you love the Tour de France. Isn't it great. I am following you now.

    1. Thank you Carolyn I'm so chuffed that you like my little blog. I'm thrilled to have you here. I love your blog :) Jo xx

  2. By the way your little able makeover s lovely


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