Monday, 31 March 2014

Vintage Roll Top Desk Gets a Coastal Home Love Makeover!


Is it really the end of March already?  How did that happen? 
Lots of exciting things coming up this year, more on that later.  For now I thought I'd check back in and share a recent makeover.....

As soon as I saw this desk I knew it had so much potential,  it had unfortunately been chewed pretty thoroughly by a cheeky Labrador and it's owner (the desk not the Lab), asked if I could help save it.  Um yep!!  Here's a before pic, note the chewed features on all of the handles, legs and corners!

I loved transforming this old piece which was destined for the scrap heap before it was rescued by my client from a garage sale for the princely sum of $40!  A girl after my own vintage loving heart obviously saw the potential too!  .....And after much sanding, repairs, paint and love....  the afters!  

My client couldn't decided which knobs to use so we ended up deciding on an eclectic mix which I think really suits and adds even more character to this piece.  I have lots of gorgeous knobs available my website soon.


I really love all the storage in this old piece and kinda wished I could of kept this one...  of well hopefully I'll stumble across one sometime!
Thanks for stopping by! :)
Jo xx


  1. Looks gorgeous Jo, love it. I've had a few dog chewed pieces too, funny how they will chew anything!!

  2. the desk is lovely Jo, I'd love to know how the paint lasts on the roll top part. I've always been a bit hesitant about painting these because of that.
    cheers Fiona

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