Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Decking the Coastal Christmas Halls.... Tra la la la la

Hello lovelies!

Tis the season to be Merry and Bright... and deck the halls with shiny gorgeousness!  I love Christmas decorations a lot. Sparkly, glittery goodness. 

I look forward to decorating every year...  and can't wait for the 1st of December to come around to get my Christmas on! 

That said with so much going on with work, kids sports and events... Christmas decorating and planning for that matter, is a slow process in this coastal home ;)

I'm feeling quite disorganised, with only a few presents shopped for, none wrapped and no plan for a Christmas menu!  Best be giving myself a shift kick in the Christmas behind me thinks ;)

We have the tree up and decorated, I just love seeing it twinkling in the back ground as we watch tellie at night!

I've had fun making some Christmas bunting to hang about the place...  here's a little Joy work in progress!   I also made Noel for my mantel and some Merry Christmas ones which I sold at Market.

Still on my Christmas To Do list is a skirt for our tree... she's a modest old girl and think a lovely ruffly number would suit her to a tee! 

Finally, I added some fairy lights and the Noel bunting to complete our Coastal Christmasy mantel..  which is not so much a mantel as an Ikea floating shelf above our TV...  but it's as close as I get to having a mantel so it gets treated as such :)

This weekend hubby will channel Clark W Griswold... and hang the outside lighting!  National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation...  I think we watch it every year...  and still laugh out loud ;O

What's on your menu for Christmas lunch?  Desperately seeking inspiration!

Hope you're enjoying this crazy beautiful time...

Jo xx


  1. I love your little noel very cute and simple kind of craft project!
    BBQ this and BBQ that....keeping it easy this christmas.... but I will be making Nannas trifle!
    Bec x

  2. It looks lovely! I am in the same boat with presents and menu- though it might help if we could work out whose hosting what this year with hubbies family!

  3. I have tagged you for a christmas wish list for santa...see my latest post.
    Bec x

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  5. Late..I know! ;-) But never too late to feel the love of that awesome wall clock above your mantel! Would love to know where you got it from. Cheers, Hx


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