Sunday, 24 June 2012

Beachcombing and Coastal Treasures

Hi lovelies,

Hope you all had a wonderful sunny weekend!  We enjoyed soaking up the Winter sun at Botany Bay National Park, Kurnell.   The kids had a scooter ride through the park, hubby and I strolled whilst enjoying a stunning view of the bay, and city beyond.

Such amazing blue skies in Sydney today! Perfect for a romantic gesture on a grand scale... awwww I love sky writing!

 I got to pop into one of my fav shops, Free Range Living...  if you're local you've got to check it out!  Deni has beautiful Australian handmade goodies, fashion, gifts, devine artisan breads and lots of crafty goodness! 

There's good coffee and Gelato next door, so it's 'a tick in the box' for the whole family... Happy days :)

The kids and I had fun finding lots of wonderful treasures whilst beachcombing!!

I love driftwood, shells and sea glass and have always loved finding these treasures of the sea. 

Today we scored some beautiful pieces of sea sponge, some small but perfect sea urchins and a few shells and driftwood.

I just love to decorate with things from Nature and I can't wait to clean this haul up (it's kinda stinky), and display these pretties inside.  Isn't Mother Nature amazing?

My kiddies love visiting Kurnell,  but along with the natural beauty, sadly there is a lot of rubbish that gets washed up along the beach :( 

The last few times we have visited the kids have really noticed this.

So this time we took a big garbage bag and filled it with plastic bottles and rubbish.  We probably could have filled a dozen more.

Have you found any lovely treasures lately? 

Jo xx


  1. There are some beaches that just seem to bear the brunt with the rubbish that washes in from the sea. Love that you took a garbage bag and cleaned up whilst you were beach combing. x

    1. Hi Emma, Yes it's such a shame! Gotta do something positive even if it's on a small scale! :) Jo x


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